Gates Auto Body & Your Insurance Company

Gates Auto Body works with virtually every insurance company – and we are a Direct or Preferred Repair Shop for many.

For your convenience, Gates will handle processing your claim and communicating with your insurance company so you don’t have to. All you will need to do is file a claim with your insurance company or get a claim number from the other person’s insurance company (depending on who is paying).

Since we are electronically linked to your insurance company’s computer system we are able to receive your estimate electronically from the claims office. This allows us to begin repairs on your vehicle, with your consent, as soon as we receive approval.

At times, additional damage is discovered to a vehicle once the repair process has started. In cases like this, the party responsible for payment is contacted (this is usually the insurance company), and we follow their procedures to process the additional damage. If the damage is significant, you will be contacted.

If the insurance company is paying for the repairs, you will not have to pay anything above your deductible. If you are paying for the repair personally, you will be contacted, and will be able to decide how you want to handle the repairs on the additional damage.


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