Auto Glass Repair & Replacement – Madison WI

Gates Auto Glass provides services that range from repairing rock chips to replacing windshields and windows. Our certified glass technician serves the entire Dane County area and offers on-site glass repairs and replacement work at any Madison Gates Auto Body location, or mobile service by appointment. Gates Auto Glass handles insurance claims as well as self-pay jobs, and we guarantee our work for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. Call us at 608-442-0078 for a free auto glass quote.

What Type of Auto Glass do we Install?

We install OEM-equivalent auto glass. This means that it is manufactured with the same process controls, tooling and quality inspections as the piece of glass that was installed at the time your vehicle was made. The glass we install meets all federal, industry and safety standards.

I’m Not Sure if My Chip or Crack Can be Repaired—How Can I Tell?

  • If a crack is longer than 3 inches it cannot be repaired as it will not hold.
  • If a crack runs edge to edge (any edge) it cannot be repaired.
  • If the crack or chip is in the line of driver’s sight when looking directly out the windshield (within an area that is 5 inches high x 8 inches wide) it cannot be repaired per state law.
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Will the Crack or Chip Still be Visible Once it is Repaired?

Call Gates Auto Glass at 608-442-0078 with any other specific questions you may have.